Chef Bigelow started cooking at a very young age, but it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he considered it as a career. He explains “I had enrolled in a law enforcement class at the River Valley Technical Center. I was considering becoming a police officer. The class was cancelled for lack of student interest, and I was randomly placed in a Culinary Arts program. It started out as a joke….everything I did was purposely different than what everyone else was doing. Once I realized that cooking could be a way to express myself creatively, my future became clear.”



Favorite Dish to prepare? From the current menu, my favorite to cook is the Diver Scallops. Getting a perfect sear on the scallops never loses it’s excitement. The dish has a lot of fun flavors to it and the presentation is gorgeous. In general, my favorite way to cook is by using the “no plan” method. I take a few ingredients, and just build around them. Some of my favorite dishes have been created that way.



Never trust a recipe! And, forget all the fancy rules. Great food has to come from the cook’s intuition. My best advice for cooks: “Trust your intuition. Trust your senses, and develop your palate. You’re never going to be a great Chef or even a great home cook, by following someone else’s recipes. Find a way to put your own spin on it. You will surprise yourself!”


  • 2016 Seven Days Best Bite Winner
  • 2015 Vermont Fresh Network Best Bite Winner