Gazpacho Verde (Vegan)

emulsified cucumber, tomatillo, and avocado, roasted corn, radishes, cilantro. Gluten-free.

Grilled Mushroom and Asparagus Salad

arugula, foie fat fried egg, truffle oil, parmesan. Gluten-free.

Pacific Rim Salad (Vegan)

mixed greens, cucumber, grapes, mint, cilantro, pickled ginger, maple sesame vinaigrette. Gluten-free.

Maura's Salad

Mixed greens, blistered grapes, candied pecan vinaigrette, bleu cheese croutons, balsamic reduction

Roma Salad (Vegan)

romaine, grilled artichokes, marinated chickpeas, toasted breadcrumbs, roasted garlic dressing


Nikki's Nachos (Vegan)

house tortilla chips, vegan cashew nacho sauce, black beans, house-pickled jalapeños, salsa taquera, guacamole, scallions, cilantro. Gluten-free.

Neil's Nachos

house tortilla chips, local chorizo, cheddar sauce, house-pickled jalapeños, salsa taquera, sour cream, scallions, cilantro. Gluten-free.

VT Cheddar Mac

Radiatore pasta, cheddar sauce, crispy cheddar crumbs

Parmesan Herb Fries

truffle oil, roasted garlic aioli. Gluten-free.



Muffaletta Sandwich (Vegan)

grilled artichokes, marinated chickpeas, asparagus, roasted red pepper, zucchini, castelvetrano olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seed hummus. GF Bun available.

Marinated Shrimp Po' Boy

guacamole, arugula, cilantro, pickled red onion. GF Bun available.

VT Chorizo Burger

cheddar, lettuce, pickled red onion, guacamole. GF Bun available.

Flat Iron Steak Sandwich

bayley hazen blue cheese crumbles, pickled red onion, arugula, grilled tomatoes, garlic aioli. GF Bun available.

Save The Planet Burger (Vegan)

Beyond burger with vegan cheese, lettuce and vegan special sauce. Gluten-free bun available.

Buffalo Seitan Sandwich (Vegan)

with lettuce and Barley Hazen blue cheese dressing or vegan ranch

The Double Butter Burger

Local beef with caramelized onions, American cheese, lettuce and special sauce. Gluten-free bun available.



Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese Potato Croquettes

chipotle honey, spring onion

Charred Red Cabbage (Vegan)

pickled mustard seeds, toasted pistachios. Gluten-free.

Grilled Asparagus

soy brined egg yolk, truffle oil, parmesan, crispy prosciutto. Gluten-free.

Grilled Spanish Octopus

VT Salumi chorizo, roasted red peppers, red onion, castelvetrano olives, toasted breadcrumbs, balsamic reduction

Seared Cauliflower (Vegan)

Tomato pumpkin seed hummus, balsamic pickled beets. Gluten-free.

Watermelon Tuna Tartare

ahi tuna, mint, sesame seeds, sriracha, cucumber slices. gluten-free.

Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts

VT maple syrup, local crispy pork belly, fried onions. Gluten-free.

Chioggia Beets

Vegetable ash, black garlic, bayley hazen blue cheese, maldon sea salt. Gluten-free.



Roasted Garlic Cashew Alfredo (Vegan)

radiatore pasta, grilled artichoke hearts, baby spinach, brussels sprouts, vegan parmesan

Lime Cured Cauliflower Steak (Vegan)

smoked quinoa, salsa taquera, grilled zucchini, fried almonds, cilantro. Gluten-free.

Steak Frites

6oz flat iron steak, maitre d' butter, parmesan herb truffle fries, roasted garlic aioli. Gluten-free.

Pan Seared New England Scallops

roasted corn polenta, baby spinach crispy prosciutto

Maple Wind Farm Chicken Breast

mixed berry bbq, pitchfork farm napa cabbage slaw, grilled local zucchini. Gluten-free.

Grass Fed Ribeye

grilled 12oz steak, balsamic tomato marmalade, bayley hazen blue cheese mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus. Gluten-free.

Grilled VT Rabbit Leg and Loin

thyme caraway rub, cabernet-molasses glaze, creamed carrots, charred red cabbage, foie gras. Gluten-free.

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