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Nominate us for the Seven Daysies Awards!

May 10, 2018

Chef Justin and the Daily Planet staff would like to thank everyone who came out to support us during Restaurant Week!!!❤️ All the enthusiasm and love that was shown from you, the customers, was contagious and kept us going through such a busy week. That excitement is still in the air as we look at making some future changes to be able to offer a more unique dining experience to you all.

The Seven Daysies (Best of Vermont) nominations have begun and we hope that you will consider The Daily Planet when voting! We’d be thrilled to be nominated for: Best Chef (Chef Justin Bigelow), Best Restaurant, Best Bartender (Ashley McGinn, Will Dawson, Deirdre Darr, or Troy Houldin), Best Cocktails, Best Bar, and any other category you feel we are the best in! Click Here to vote!! 💖⠀

📷: White Rabbit Wonderland⠀

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